Father of darkness and light

Father of darkness and light

Father with no smell, closer to the soul than to the heart
Ghost in the streets where tears make a stunt
Like zebras and snakes, we form in line
Waiting for Noah to claim his prize

Now they send letters of admiration
But you once left in exile
You casted the long shadow of doubt
And had the nerve to preach out loud

You swallowed me like Chronos
For months I nourished from your depressions
For nights I strolled through infinite gardens
Where undertakers and magistrates mix rhymes, songs and dances

And one day the doors were open
The light piercing my juvenile pupils
I learned the rules of addiction
Which made me feel obnoxious

But you’re still the star of Bethlehem
That glows in the darkest dungeon
When words are slippery toads
And I analyze words like: “abandon”

Arcadio Falcon- 2016


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