Make the world bleed again

Make the world bleed again

Make the world bleed in the battlefield
Restart the nuclear drills
Start writing letters of warning
From your empty cabinet
Where Melania, meek and famished
Opens bottles of Freixenet

Drain the world of its blood
As you try to follow your ego
Standing above the wall, Humpty Dumpty
All dreams are fragile from above
While the world knocks at your door

You push back your gloves
And the doors of judgement are open
For the whites in the oval room
There’s muttering in the streets
Uncertainty extends a thick veil
There’s a certain darkness in the faces
On the walls of this dark motel

Make the world bleed again
As it did in 39
When the Old Order showed weakness
And a legend was somehow born
Made by and for the unstable
Seeking shelter from the storm

Arcadio Falcon. 2016


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