Names on a Map

Names on a Map


Lightning strikes in Lebanon
Hard in two suburban towns
On the kind side of the globe
A man switches channels around

Thunder falls on Palestine
Merciless from 9 to 5
You sit there and theorize
Why can’t Bieber find a wife?

Hell opens in Arabia
If you are a woman in sight
They don’t know what they’re missing
Wrong target of the holy fight

And you’re upset, I’m sure you must be
I heard your car broke down and they charge inhuman fees
You burst in rage, how could you not?
The Cobs are the traitors and you’re the victim of their plot

Masks fell off in Venezuela
From the shadows they stabbed its heart
And those losers that speak funny
Must have done something to rot

Wells are dry in Sierra Leone
It’s a 2 to 3 hour ride
You wonder just in passing
Will I get home before they kill the wine?

And the jelly-haired heavy-weight
You’ve hired for the gig
Is not more than a stowaway
In a sinking ship

Ignorance is bliss, a blind man says
Let philosophers question, I’ll go my way
You stand on a throne, life is a parable
How are we the same if you’re already behind the wall?

But then it hits a distant cousin
That you’ve never seen, but always dreamed
Of visiting overseas
And somehow you’re hurt
That girl looks just like Melanie
So you raise a flag, make a one night stand
And in the morning they go back to being names on a map


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