The end never justifies the means, let’s keep that in mind. 

It’s dark and gloomy over the Coasts. The statue of liberty is shrouded in black smoke  and the protesters take to the streets. Their motives are just as honest as those behind all revolutions of the past, they feel angry, disgusted, betrayed by the fanfare that is an election. “Religion,- said Nietzsche- is opium for the people.” It’s politics today my friends. (And Football).

This past week was the first time we’ve seen the New York Times acknowledge the fact that the US military, vastly deployed overseas, is killing civilians:


Just two quick examples:


2015.; around 23,100 bombs on 6 “Muslim countries”, to quote CNN.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 3.56.13 PM


2016. The Guardian. Now we add Libya — 26.000+ bombs. The Guardian on drone strikes during 2016.


Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 4.08.57 PM


The suspicion that civilians had been killed on the Jan 30. mission was confirmed within the day by Al Jazeera, among others. It is surprisingly positive that the mainstream media starts questioning authority like this but now that the drums of opposition are rising, it is important for those leading the counter-attack to create a movement as transparent as possible for the benefit of all. It is too easy, unwisely easy to blame everything that is going to happen on Drumpf.  There were many mistakes that the left refuses to admit and those will be the ones that will return to haunt them in 4 years, in the event Drumpf has any degree of success.

It’s yet to see who the big corporations are really going to back after these past 8 years behind Obama, which is another important card Drumpf is counting on.  It’s yet to see what his stance on Israel will be; or what the backlash is going to be when the countries devastated by the Bush and Obama administrations are taken over by ideologues of dictatorship that kill with abandoned American weapons.

The European Union stands at an ideological crossroads. Nationalism keeps expanding and the thought of embracing Donald Drumpf has been discarded by every leader, except for Theresa May, who as the US’ most powerful ally has her hands tied. For leaders who do not have such close relationships to Washington, public opposition is, again, the easy option. A word of support for Drumpf would have journalist at home running to their computers to give us headlines like:

“Germany doesn’t want rapists”

“France stands with the Muslims”

And I understand why, but that is precisely the left’s conflict. To have a constructive debate and get out of this situation we have to acknowledge both sides. It can’t be simplified to such an extent where we shut our ears on everything the president says because he is an Islamophobe.

The order, despite not targeted to Muslims directly, affects countries where they are a majority of the population so he might be an Islamophobe, I don’t know.  But I’d like to ask a question to those of you marching against the ban.

What’s more Islamophobe? The bombing or the banning?

Arcadio Falcon. 2017


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