100 YEARS, 100 MILLION KILLED* (We’re not really sure).Billboard Times Squqre

This is a picture of a billboard in Times Square, at the heart of the American “Dream”. Pointing the same fingers as in 1950  and demonizing ONE side of the story to give us the name of the existential threat that will soon
come raining from the sky in
the shape of nuclear fireworks and
annihilate all that’s known and
valuable to each and every of us.

That’s how an empire works, it needs fear.

You walk down 7th Avenue and you look around, as a tourist, mesmerized. But it’s all there, it’s subliminal, it’s invisible.
Next to the NY Times building you’ll find a model, dominating the intersection from the heights. Her breasts are almost out, her lips overloaded with lipstick, her skin a river of silk…

(“That’s how you should dress, ladies”, says the invisible man).

The NY Times is now trending topic (as the brainwashed grown-up teens like to say) for advertising on truth while covering up the daily airstrikes on civilians by the CIA in Yemen and Somalia, the funding of the Israeli apartheid through American weapon companies and the STEAL that is the US economic and financial system, among a lot of other things you wouldn’t include in your children’s bedtime story routine.

Journalists don’t stand for truth, they never have; they have families like yours and ambitions like yours; but they have more power than you.
Even if a journalist is an illiterate amoral human being, which a lot of them are, they have power as long as their words get printed. The institution under which they write (i.e NY Times, WashPost, Breitbart…) credits their words in the view of the person that reads and doesn’t question… That’s you.

NONE OF THOSE SOURCES WILL EVER INFORM YOU, they have too much to lose. Hint: Sponsors.

Obama prosecuted more journalists than any other president before him and the tube through which information is channeled is narrowing fast thanks to the elites’ fear of the new President’s mouth.

Also, if one examines this billboard there a few things that just don’t make sense.

– All of Africa is communist? We don’t know much about what happens there because the media is also not interested in talking about it (wink wink, wonder why?); but we do know that it is mainly a land of chaos where military groups, not very different from ISIS, slaughter civilians while they embark on holy crusades against each other to control more land -by the way, it’s always land, not religion-.
And we also know that the US has backed a lot of these militias to riot and destabilize unwelcoming governments, just like in the Middle East. Hints? Rwanda, Uganda, Congo… just to start.
So, if those deaths can be traced back to Washington, what’s that 2 mill. doing there?

– North Korea, the demon of the world, saw 30% of its population (around 2 million people) die in the Korean War, a war led by the United States and its allies, excited to try out their new tool, NATO.

– Vietnam? 14 years of pre-emptive war in which the soldiers where directly ordered not to fire on the enemy’s warehouses and defense missiles to keep the war going. Why? The weapon companies where making fortunes and Russia was being dragged into a conflict they didn’t want to join.
And what was the cause? The sinking of an American aircraft in the Tonkin Gulf, which history now shows never happened.
Yes, that’s true, there was no sunk ship.
And the cost? At least 1.5 million innocent civilians killed, according to the latest reports.

This is the cost of the silence, that you wake up every morning, you look through the window and inhale the freshly-polluted air with sleepy eyes…
Then you cross the street, buy a coffee, give a look of deep indifference to the helpless man on the floor and bite your donut.
And the scent of it all is that of Freedom; but like any other cheap perfume, it wears out.

I’ve you made it all this way, I sincerely congratulate you. Give us a like on your way out if you can but, specially think for yourself.

PS: I wonder… if 1 in 5 people in the world live in a communist system, what do the other 4 live in?

– Arcadio Falcon.


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