What a time to be alive!

The problem is the truth’s distortion.

The only thing that has been proven with tangible evidence is that Hillary Clinton broke the law. Sorry, it is the truth.


But the bipartisan system of democracy can’t allow one of its forces to be destroyed so it creates its nemesis, a counter-scandal aimed at clouding the first.

Maybe Donald Trump did get the Russians help in some way but it hasn’t been proven yet and don’t panic, the FBI will not “conceal” if something is found, they don’t work for Trump despite CNN’s reporting.


Clinton did send classified emails through a public email server exposing the years of planning behind the tragedies of Lybia and Syria among other beauties.

Those emails appeared on the personal laptop of a person that is waiting to go on trial after being accused of pedophilia.

And Comey covered it up.

Those are the facts, now the system.

Let’s think like them for a second, them owners of our reality.

If the image of one party is destroyed, the legitimacy of the whole democratic structure is severely damaged. Without an opposition (and the laws don’t make it easy for independent parties to rise, as we know) authoritarianism is inevitable, whether sought or encountered.

Clinton’s email case is much worse than the media is reporting and that is the basic problem.

They are telling you that all she did was mishandle an email server because, you know, she doesn’t understand technology and servers and email and Wi-Fi and bla bla bla….


The real story is that in those emails, most of them released by Assange and Co. a global network of organized corruption is exposed, with Hillary Clinton very close to its center.

This is treated as a conspiracy theory and is NEVER mentioned in the debates when all the information is out in the public domain.


In contrast, the Russian influence campaign which has only been discussed between NY Times reporters and top, yet anonymous officials, dominates our lives.

So the Russians are thrown into the melting pot along Wikileaks, Alex Jones “The White Supremacist” and anyone who questions the narrative.


Except for Obama, Clapper and Comey himself, of course. These last two declared in Congress, under oath, that they hadn’t seen proof of “collusion”.

The former president also stated in one of his last press briefings that there was no conclusive proof regarding the question of Russian interference AND Wikileaks-Russian connections.

I’m not saying this will not change; I’m saying that, as of today, it hasn’t.

CNN keeps putting the people on and I can only envision two possible outcomes:


  • Donald Trump gets impeached.


  • There is no Russia collusion. Hell breaks loose; the people realize that no one cares about them and that everyone has been lying (Congressmen, Representatives, TV shows, President and the largest ETC… in history).

The mainstream media dies and Youtube finally takes over through its censorship campaign.



Bets? Anyone?


PS: God Bless Dylan.

By Arcadio Falcon. 2017. 



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