Because Trump CAN’T be president.

 Very shortly after the results came in on November 8, someone made the call. Someone in the shadows of the system with interests in media, intelligence and politics outlined the strategy: “Russia, Fake President”.

We will abstain from pointing direct fingers but it doesn’t take a degree in politics or international relations to figure it out.

It was the losers; the progressive left of Europe and the United States and its financiers; multinational companies with business dealings and tax havens all over the globe… AND the worshippers of political correctness.

Why? Trump is the “evil protectionist vowing to take us all to the dark ages”, as they audaciously claim. He wants to “dismember the world and hurt our allies” and all of this while helping Putin in some Machiavellian plan.

Really? You think that one of the most powerful businessmen in the country, with an established brand of his own (a lot to lose) and a vast knowledge of how the system is built (despite all claims to the contrary) would run for president of the USA if he were in Putin’s pocket? How long would it take the CIA/NSA front to expose the plot if it were true? 2 days?

If anything, it was Wikileaks who influenced the election by publishing true information about the Clinton Foundation; those documents were read by the world and the Americans made their choice. Not even Russia, as Obama acknowledged, can significantly influence elections in America.

Obama speaking about the possibility of any election being rigged:


The latest developments are the first nail in the coffin of this conspiracy theory. CNN is under hot fire; employees are being forced to resign over inaccurate stories and, at least two of them, have been caught on tape admitting the Russia story lacks veracity (to put it nicely).

Van Jones (Political Commentator):

John Bonifield (Supervising Producer):


They NY Times is retracting story after story…

Correction: June 29, 2017

A White House Memo article on Monday about President Trump’s deflections and denials about Russia referred incorrectly to the source of an intelligence assessment that said Russia orchestrated hacking attacks during last year’s presidential election. The assessment was made by four intelligence agencies — the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency. The assessment was not approved by all 17 organizations in the American intelligence community.

So why the big cover-up? Let’s talk about the real story.


The promotion of this conspiracy by EVERY major news outlet (even Fox to a lesser extent) has set the stage for a Shakespearian tragedy in which there only are two outcomes: The death of the press or the death of the president, and the chief commander seems to be winning that particular war with more and more people everyday turning to independent YouTube channels and Twitter accounts to get their news.


(Enter the CIA & its satellites in the intelligence).

We know thanks to Julian Assange that the Central Intelligence Agency and the military have been seeking regime change in Syria since, at least, 2010; and that they were talking about it as far back as 2007.

What does this mean? It means they’re not going to stop now that they’re closer than ever and, remember, Trump has given the Pentagon more control over its wars.

With ISIS almost defeated in Raqqa, the spotlight turns to Assad. Russia issued a warning last week after the downing of a Syrian-government airplane by US Forces.

We have to understand that Syria is not Saudi Arabia in terms of religious influence over government (they don’t follow Wahhabism); so taking over Syria is not a war to prevent radicalism from spreading, it actually promotes it.

To prove my point I’ll just ask you: Who’s more radical, Assad or Isis?

Assad is fighting ISIS and similar terrorist groups, some funded by the US and others by the Saudis, with the said purpose of regime change, and Russia stands behind him because she doesn’t want another failed state in the region.

In recent years, they have witnessed the destruction of Afghanistan (in which they were also involved), Iraq, Lybia, Yemen (Saudi Arabia’s massive war crime) and the turmoil in Ukraine; all of this while being surrounded by the deployment of ABM’s (Anti-Ballistic Missiles) all through Eastern Europe and parts of Asia.

From WIKILEAKS we know that ABM’s is the fancy term top US diplomats use to call their new toys…

Their purpose is to “create an umbrella that would protect the West from Russian missiles”. (Ironic, not literal quotes)

What they don’t tell us is that they can be turned into offensive platforms within a day. Think about what that means, not for you, but for the people living where those missiles are stationed… and hold that thought.

In short, Russia is not going to make more sacrifices to improve relations with the Pentagon; Putin is tired of the shenanigans and double talk of Washington’s bureaucracy.

(Enter Wall Street)

 When the housing bubble burst in 2007-2008, panic ensued. After months of analysis by the “world’s greatest experts” (ironic quotes again), the Western hemisphere as a whole found their solution: Bailing out the Banks without any fundamental reform of the financial system (this is basically rewarding the bankers for crashing the economy).

The dollar serves as the world reserve currency, which makes it the standard to which all other currencies are compared. If the dollar collapses, the world collapses.

Why would it collapse?

The Federal Reserve.

After ignoring the warnings for many, many years, the public is about to see the true, evil face of this institution. After keeping interest rates at the lowest levels possible during Obama’s presidency (thus artificially manipulating the “free market”), the Fed is beginning to raise them. Such low interests have allowed the public, once again, to borrow more money than they can afford by going into debt (2008-2.0?).

The USA is, as of today, 19,960,237,965,000 $ in debt. That is 19 TRILLION dollars and approaching 20.

How is that debt going to be paid for when the Fed’s interest rate rises to a point where the debtor is not solvent enough to ask for a new credit to the bank to pay the old one?

Students, elders and shareholders in Wall Street (the lousy ones, JP Morgan and the crew are on the right side) will go down the tube and the Fed can’t continue to pump it up eternally.

The Fed has done it, raise the interest that is, 3 times already; at some point the balance is going to tip over and what will start in the US will absorb markets all over the planet (except maybe China, key player in this game and owner of large quantities of US and European debt).

Europe and the United States will fail as the world moves into unchartered waters and hatred towards governments that literally CANNOT PROVIDE will take over any other issue in the political arena.

Now let’s close the circle.

Everything will be blamed on Donald J. Trump, the perfect scapegoat: for the two parties, the banks, the oil companies and the press, who are the ones really to blame.

History tells us what happens when the US is hit by an economic depression: an arms race — Trump’s military record budget? Remember?

The CIA, with its fake intelligence reports/false flags, will lead him to an invasion of Syria that can only escalate into a direct confrontation with Russia, heated by the Mainstream press that pushes this idea of Trump being “Putin’s puppet”, making it impossible for a direct and peaceful conversation between both leaders.

With Congress passing a bill this week demanding more economic sanctions on Russia as a punishment for the non-proven interference, I find myself wondering…

Does any newspaper or TV network even understand where this leads?

We live in 2017. Technology, fools. In 1945 a single bomb destroyed everything within a mile in seconds. Do we really want to play this game 72 years later knowing how fast warfare has developed?

One way or the other, the curtain will fall on the West and Trump knows it, The NY Times and its subsidiaries do not.



Arcadio A. Falcon. 2017.


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