I present myself since I’ll be speaking to you directly most of the time. My name is Arcadio Falcon, songwriter and singer in the band Falcon’s Bandits.  And that’s it, that’s all the music you’re gonna find in here, this is about the words.

I started taking a serious interest in writing when I was 17. It felt like the characters were in place before my eyes so I figured I’d put them “in place” on a piece of paper.

At first I was ashamed of myself for the corny rhymes that would come out of it, one after another reminding me of Katy Perry… But as any other craft, it’s a matter of time and will.

I’ll be sharing them with you through this blog, feel free to share back.

Make your own conclusions and don’t ever let anyone tell you what to think, it’s a contagious disease.


See you inside,

Arcadio Falcon